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Japan's sunny southern islands see a remarkable number of th birthdays – the scientists have their theories as to why, but we've travelled. 17 Jun - 13 min - Uploaded by David Pakman Show Dr.

Craig Willcox. Professor of Gerontology, and Co-Principal Investigator of the Okinawa. That's centenarians for every Okinawans, the highest ratio in Life expectancy is years on Okinawa, longer than in any other. I visited the southern Japanese Okinawa islands whose population is said which elements of the Okinawan diet he had introduced to his life.

Despite years of hardship, Okinawans have established a lifestyle and environment to live long, healthy lives. Follow these common centenarian practices to promote your own longevity.

Older Okinawans can readily articulate the reason they get up in the morning. The people of Okinawa, an island southwest of Japan's main landmass, are known for their longevity. Having studied the habits of particularly long-lived people, I've taken nine lessons from the Okinawans that I believe help them live long, happy lives. An ikigai is one's reason for being, or one's purpose in life.

By Carlo Fornari. I have been living in Okinawa for almost two years. For a lot of foreigners, especially Western people, Okinawa is an unknown. Did you know that only % of our life expectancy can be determined through our genes?

If you want to live to be , you may need more. Inhabitants of Okinawa and the neighboring islands of Amami consume a diet that is 20 percent lower in calories than those in the rest of Japan.

Most practice a dietary philosophy known as “hara hachi bu” (eight parts out of 10), which means to eat until you are 80 percent full. Kazumi Kayo operates Yonner Food, an experience into the Okinawan way of life via the medium of Ryukyuan cuisine and culture. We've spent.


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